Fatykh Karim

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Karim, Fatykh


Born Dec. 27, 1908 (Jan. 9, 1909), in the village of Aet, in present-day Bizhbuliak Raion, Bashkir ASSR; died Feb. 19, 1945, in the settlement of Pobeda, Kaliningrad Oblast. Soviet Tatar poet.

Karim fought in the Great Patriotic War (1941–45) and died at the front. His works were first published in 1928; his first collection of verses, Beginning Song, was published in 1931. His most important works are The Seventh Furnace (1932) and Roaring Dawn (1933), which reflect the process of the industrialization of the country and the collectivization of agriculture. Karim is the author of a number of works written at the front (the collections Love and Nate, 1943, and Melody and Power, 1944, and the novella Notes of a Scout, 1944). He was awarded two orders and several medals.


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