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(fō`vĭzəm) [Fr. fauve=wild beast], name derisively hurled at and cheerfully adopted by a group of French painters, including Matisse, Rouault, Derain, Vlaminck, Friesz, Marquet, van Dongen, Braque, and Dufy. Although fauvism was a short-lived movement (1905–8), its influence was international and basic to the evolution of 20th-century art. It was essentially an expressionist style, characterized by bold distortion of forms and exuberant color. Only Matisse continued to explore its possibilities after 1908. Most of the others contributed to the development of new styles, such as cubismcubism,
art movement, primarily in painting, originating in Paris c.1907. Cubist Theory

Cubism began as an intellectual revolt against the artistic expression of previous eras.
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, which immediately followed the fauvist movement.


See J. P. Crespelle, The Fauves (tr. 1962); J. É. Muller, Fauvism (1967); S. Whitfield, Fauvism (1990).



an avant-garde movement in French painting of the early 20th century. The ironic epithet les fauves (“the wild beasts”) was given by critics to a group of painters including H. Matisse, P.-A. Marquet, G. Rouault, M. de Vlaminck, A. Derain, R. Dufy, G. Braque, and K. van Dongen, who exhibited their works at the Salon d’Automne in Paris in 1905.

In contrast to German expressionism, fauvism had neither a consciously adopted program nor a moral or philosophical orientation, but rather represented a purely aesthetic protest against 19th-century artistic traditions and an affirmation of an independent new outlook on painting. The fauves, who painted in various styles, were united for a short period, from 1905 to 1907, by their attraction to terse graphic forms, intense color contrasts, pronounced compositional rhythms, and a decorative and laconic technique, as well as a search for new inspiration in primitive, medieval, and Oriental art.


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The Fauve picture is a lyrical explosion whose brilliant colouring is the most spectacular feature, but [.
Cette impermeabilite envers l'amour, associee a l'orgueil de regir les existences et a la jouissance de faire souffrir les autres, lui confere la force morale du fauve.
Since LDC's investment, Eveden has delivered substantial sales growth both in the UK and internationally, completed the acquisition of premium French lingerie brand Huit, and created a broader brand portfolio that now includes Elomi and Fauve.
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Gonzalez de Fauve, Universidad de Wisconsin, Madison, 1997.
As for our instructor Maxime, he is clearly made of liquid rubber, as he and Fauve proved in the Dance Showcase on Saturday night.
He also helped found Neue Sezession, a German art group, and gained recognition for his decorative and colorful paintings that mimicked the artistic styles of Van Gogh, Matisse and the Fauves.
According to Gill Perry, the French women artists who painted with the Matisse group and in the Fauve style were often hung separately.
Le Fauve said, because the presence of one type of disorder puts an individual at higher risk for developing the other type.
Merzbacher says that his own artistic epiphany came with an introduction to Fauve and German Expressionist art in the '60s and '70s: artists such as Derain, Vlaminck, Kandinsky, Kirchner, and Marc.
Derain and Vlaminck were described as using their colours as if they were charges of dynamite and an alternative name for the Fauve painters was Incoherents.
Dans la vraie vie, tuer ce fauve est un acte de bravoure donnant droit au port d'un insigne particulier.