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Azores: see FaialFaial
, island (1991 pop. 15,155), 66 sq mi (171 sq km), in the N Atlantic, one of the central Azores, Portugal. It is in Horta dist., named for the island's chief town and port, Horta. Fruit and wine are exported, cattle are raised, and traditional crafts are manufactured.
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, Fayal
an island in the central Azores archipelago. Chief town: Horta. Area: 171 sq. km (66 sq. miles)
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That Bess, the dramatic equivalent to the Queen, not only spares the lives of the two Spanishmen captured on the coast of Fayal but also gives "these poore slaves" money (Part I, 4.1.49) is a prime example, for what is witnessed in this scene does not in the slightest reflect the Queen's actual habits of economy.
y la isla Fayal a 29[grados] L.O.G., esto es a 40[grados] ecuatoriales de distancia, que multiplicados por 17.5 leguas por grado da la exacta cantidad de 700 leguas.
Dorang pigi di Fayaul, ambel pa itu Pongo pe bini 3PL go to Fayaul get OBM that Pongo POSS wife `They went to Fayal to get Pongo's wife'
Greene, Fayal. The Anatomy of a House: A Picture Dictionary of Architectural and Design Elements.
Christopher Hampton (Fayal, Azores 1946) es un conocido dramaturgo y guionista cinematografico de nacionalidad britanica, autor de obras como The Philantropist, Total Eclipse (sobre las relaciones entre Rimbaud y Verlaine), Savages, White Chameleon, Dangerous Liasons, Alice Adventures Underground, Treats...
In a statement issued on Sunday, the PTI lawmaker: who also heads party's Karachi chapter: said that those calling out the prime minister and elected government as selected is himself a stooge at the hands of his father Asif Zardari and aunt Fayal Talpur.
Tunisia had won four gold medals on Friday by Nihel Cheikhrouhou (over 78 kg), Fayal Jaballah (over 100 kg), Abdelaziz Ben Ammar (over 78 kg) and Houda Miled (under 70 kg) and two bronze by Sarra Mezoughi (78 kg) and Oussama Senoussi (90 kg).
Cathy Fayal spent more than eight hours crafting the grotesque scene - in which the fairytale characters are beheaded and dismembered - at Bubbles And Bows, in Derby Lane, Old Swan.
A banking court today granted a plea of NAB and decided to transfer the high-profile money-laundering case against former president Asif Ali Zardari and his sister Fayal Talpur to Rawalpindi.
TUNIS (TAP)- Tunisian athlete Fayal Jaballah won a gold medal at the Judo Grand Prix Samsun in Turkey (over 100 kg) after beating at the final Brazilian Rafael Silva.
Although the Sindh Information Minister, who is also central deputy information secretary of the party, said the 'rubbish' uttered by former Chief Minister Sindh should not be taken seriously, however the statement compelled Fayal to say that Bilawal had no rifts with his father and he was not going anywhere.