Feast Day of the German-Speaking Community

German-Speaking Community, Feast Day of the

November 15
Each of the autonomous regions of Belgium observes its own feast day. Of the three linguistic communities that make up Belgium's population—the Flemish, French, and German—the German-speaking is the least populous. Most individuals of this community reside in a tiny enclave of the Walloon Region that is a separate political entity within the Belgian federal system. This day is an occasion for German speakers to celebrate their ethnic heritage and political autonomy. Feast days in other regions of Belgium include Feast Day of the Flemish Community, Feast Day of the French Community, Iris Fest, and Walloon Regional Day.
Feast Day of the German-Speaking Community was pronounced by parliamentary decree on October 1, 1990, the same day that leaders decided on the German community's emblem and flag. To mark the occasion, regional flags are hung from public buildings in the German-speaking region as well as at locations outside the region with affiliations to the German-speaking community. This holiday falls on the same date as the King's Birthday, a celebration of Leopold I (1790–1865) that has special relevance for the German-speaking community.
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