Feast of Nganja

Nganja, Feast of

A harvest custom in Angola, the Feast of Nganja is primarily celebrated by children. On a day in April, when the harvest is ripe, they go out to their family fields and gather some fresh corn. In small groups they go to the woods, where they build campfires and roast their corn on the cob. But the real excitement of the feast lies in the game that is played while the corn is being cooked. Without warning, a child from one group may jump up and steal the corn from another. The robbing and plundering is good-natured, although there are always a few children who end up with no corn at all.
A similar children's feast held in Angola during the harvest months of February, March, and April is known as the Feast of Okambondondo. This all-night celebration is held indoors, with the girls doing all the cooking and the meal itself being served in the kitchen just before dawn.
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