Feast of San Isidro of Seville

San Isidro of Seville, Feast of

April 4
St. Isidro or Isidore (c. 560-636) was born in Cartagena, Spain, and eventually became bishop of Seville, a post formerly held by his older brother, St. Leander. St. Isidro is known for creating schools throughout the country and, especially, his writing of the Etymologies, an encyclopedic treatment of all kinds of subjects ranging from mathematics to theology. His feast day is celebrated not only in Spain, but in many Latin American countries as well.
In Río Frío, Colombia, April occurs in autumn and is typically very dry. On San Isidro's feast day, April 4, townspeople process the saint's image around the streets and hope that he will help bring some much-needed rain. The procession traditionally takes two steps forward, then one step backward, and so on, with the idea that if it drags out long enough, some rain may fall before the festivities end. If no rain falls, the people who had been singing praises to St. Isidro during the procession may well begin to insult and swear at him.
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