Feast of St. Hubert de Liège

St. Hubert de Liège, Feast of

November 3
St. Hubert (d. 727) is the patron saint of hunters, dogs, and victims of rabies. His feast day is especially honored at the church named for him in the little town of St. Hubert, Luxembourg Province, Belgium, on the first weekend in November. People who live in the Forest of Ardennes bring their dogs to the church to be blessed, and St. Hubert's Mass marks the official opening of the hunting season. In some places special loaves of bread are brought to the mass to be blessed, after which everyone eats a piece and feeds the rest to their dogs, horses, and other domestic animals to ward off rabies.
According to legend, St. Hubert was once more interested in hunting than he was in observing church festivals. But on Good Friday one year, while he was hunting, he saw a young white stag with a crucifix between his antlers. The vision was so powerful that he changed his ways, became a monk, and was eventually made bishop of LiÅge. The site of this event is marked by a chapel about five miles from St. Hubert.
Thousands of pilgrims visit St. Hubert's shrine at the Church of St. Hubert each year. Among the artifacts there are his hunting horn and mantle, supposedly given to him by the Virgin Mary—a thread of which, when placed on a small cut on the forehead, is supposed to cure people who suffer from rabies. His relics are enshrined at the cathedral in LiÅge.
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