February 29, 2020

February 29, 2020


American Birkebeiner (Last weekend in February)

Ayyam-i-Ha (February 25-March 1)

Fiesta de los Vaqueros (Last full week in February)

First Monday Trade Days (Thursday through Sunday before first Monday of each month)

Fisher Poets Gathering (Three-day weekend in late February)

Marzas (February 28-March 1)

Shahi Durbar (Last week in February)
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The turbines are expected to be operational in phases starting from February 29, 2020 and ending on 30 April 2020," added Al Tayer.
renew, at the City of Daytons discretion, firm pricing for two (2) additional 12-month period from March 1, 2019 through February 29, 2020 and March 1, 2020 through February 28, 2021.
The partnership said it paid no consideration at closing, but agreed to make a future payment on March 31, 2020 equal to eight times the average of the asset's 2018 and 2019 earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation, less the capital expenditures incurred by WES from the closing date through February 29, 2020.
term: march 1, 2018 or upon contract approval, whichever occurs later, through february 29, 2020.
term: march 1, 2018, or upon contract approval, whichever comes later, through february 29, 2020
Notes: contract: the term of the contract resulting from this rfp will be thirty-six (36) months, beginningapproximately march 1, 2017 and ending approximately february 29, 2020.
contract term: march 1, 2017 through february 29, 2020, with renewal options.
Notes: contract period: march 1, 2017 through february 29, 2020 two additional university optional one-year renewals.
The amended and restated credit facility matures on June 30, 2021, except that if EarthLink's existing 7-3/8% senior secured notes due 2020 have not been repaid in full by February 29, 2020, the maturity date will be February 29, 2020.
The contract will be concluded for a fixed period of 48 months ie from 1 March 2016 to 29 February 2020, with the contract with the sponsor, which the current subscriber contract expires later than February 28, 2016, they will be concluded gradually valid till February 29, 2020.
Marche fractionated orders, pursuant to section 77 of the Public Procurement Code, passed for a period from the date of notification at February 29, 2020, knowing that putting in working order of the website must necessarily be made by 1 March 2016 and that maintenance services and accommodation will be for a period of four years from the launch site.