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The country was drawn into a deep military and political crisis by Khalifa Haftar who returned to Libya with the February Revolution and secured a place of action for himself following the military operations he launched in Benghazi.
With the beginning of what would become the February Revolution, the liberal opposition within the State Duma quickly established a provisional committee to try to lead the uprising.
He therefore drew a parallel between 1789 and the February revolution that put an end to tsarism but was weak and had risked being as short-lived as its French predecessor.
In 1917, Russia's ''February Revolution'' (referring to the Old Style calendar) began in Petrograd; the result was the abdication of the Russian monarchy in favor of a provisional government.
Michael Aron along with a number of the British embassy staff participated Monday in the celebrations of the third anniversary of the 17 February revolution that ended the oppressive regime of dictator Muammar Gaddafi that lasted for 42 years.
At the end of its statement, the Commission congratulated the masses of Yemeni people on the third anniversary of the start of 11th of February revolution, referring to the importance of this commemoration to confirm insistence of the people to move towards building a modern democratic civil state.
The February revolution overthrew a feudal tsarist order that had withstood challenges from below for at least a dozen years.
For us, creating another revolution before reaching the goals of the February revolution is pointless.
"The Public Prosecution warrant relates to an investigation into his links to an extremist group calling itself the Coalition of 14 February Revolution Youths.
"Libya's markets are expected to witness an unprecedented growth after 17 February revolution, after that stability prevailed and elections succeeded," he said.
The letter by the Coalition Youth of the 14 February Revolution said "organising an F1 race in Bahrain at a time when children are being killed in the streets at the hands of the regime mercenaries will haunt the F1 reputation forever and will imprint it with the image of death and human rights violations."
1848: France became a republic for the second time, following the abdication and flight to England of King Louis Philippe during the February Revolution. The Republic lasted just four years, until the President proclaimed himself Emperor Napoleon III.