Federal Constitutional Convention

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Federal Constitutional Convention:

see Constitutional ConventionConstitutional Convention,
in U.S. history, the 1787 meeting in which the Constitution of the United States was drawn up. The Road to the Convention

The government adopted by the Thirteen Colonies in America (see Confederation, Articles of, and Continental
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Therefore, when the federal Constitutional Convention decided in 1787 that U.S.
In his Defence, Adams returned to the arguments of Polybius (among others) and to the ancient theory of the one, the few, and the many, declaring, "If I should undertake to say, there never was a good government in the world that did not consist of the three simple species of monarchy, aristocracy, and democracy, I think I may make it good." In the end, he did make it good, reviewing ancient and modern constitutions to conclude that "the English constitution is, in theory, both for the adjustment of the balance and the prevention of its vibrations, the most stupendous fabric of human invention." Many at the federal Constitutional Convention agreed.
(56)Scholars have sharply disagreed among themselves as to which members of the Federal Constitutional Convention endorsed judicial review.
Similarly, contemporaneous references to the Federal Constitutional Convention as the "General Convention" were standard.
year preceding the 1787 Federal Constitutional Convention, did a single
Federal Constitutional Convention. As seen in the colonial history of

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