Federal Theatre

Federal Theatre

(1935–39), branch of the Work Projects AdministrationWork Projects Administration
(WPA), former U.S. government agency, established in 1935 by executive order of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt as the Works Progress Administration; it was renamed the Work Projects Administration in 1939, when it was made part of the Federal
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 designed to provide employment for actors, directors, writers, and scene designers. As well as providing a nationwide audience with inexpensive, high-quality productions, it gave impetus to experimental theaters, such as the Group Theatre, the Mercury Theatre of Orson Welles, the topical "Living Newspaper" (dramatizations of news stories), and the music-dramas of Marc Blitzstein.


See study by J. D. Mathews (1967, repr. 1971).

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The Living Newspaper program, part of the Federal Theatre Project, is described as "a New York theatre unit engaged in portrayal of the news of the day, by writers who are attempting to dramatize salient situations objectively.
Osborne, "Hidden in Plain Sight: Recovering the Federal Theatre Projects Caravan Theatre" (109-24); Jerry Dickey, "African American Waiters and Cakewalk Contests in Florida East Coast Resorts of the Gilded Age" (125-38).
The strongest section of Darkening Mirrors is its three central chapters on the Federal Theatre Project and Dunham (whose L'Ag'Ya, the dance Batiste focuses on, was staged by the FTP).
Contract notice: Insurance services for the federal theatre group.
She examines the following performances of the play: Gilbert Seldes' controversial 1930 Broadway production; The Federal Theatre Project's Negro Repertory performances in 1936; a 1955 musical film adaptation, The Second Greatest Sex; Spiderwoman Theater's 1977 Lysistrata Numbah
Along with the numerous shows designed with NEC and the New Federal Theatre in New York City, her designs have also been seen at such distinguished theatres as Arena Stage, the Roundabout Theatre, the Studio Arena, Crossroads Theatre Company, George Street Playhouse, the Philadelphia Drama Guild, GeVa Theatre, the Black Arts Festival, American Place Theatre, and the Billie Holiday to name a few, in addition to university productions.
Sometimes the artefact is present but its relationship to a performative event is critically at issue--as Ann Folino White discusses in a description of the "Cotton Patch" scene interleaved in the Federal Theatre Project's typescript of Triple-A Plowed Under--in what is understood as "the progressive aesthetics and politics" of a form (250).
Dreaming America; popular front ideals and aesthetics in children's plays of the Federal Theatre Project.
I did not want to write about that, but the professor convinced me that what I did want to write about (the Federal Theatre Project in the U.
When Theodore Ward's Big White Fog was produced by the Chicago Negro Unit of the Federal Theatre Project in April 1938, it was hailed by fellow artists as an important and original play.
Filmmaker and actor Tim Robbins captured that moment in his 1999 film, Cradle Will Rock, taking its (abridged) title from the confrontational labor musical written by Marc Blitzstein in 1937, which helped to hasten the demise of the Federal Theatre Project.
She spent Long days in the Federal Theatre Project archives perusing photographs and sifting through notes, reviews, and old programs to track down long-retired dancers who might remember a phrase here or a motif there that would let the 25-minute work dance again.

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