Federal War

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Federal War


a civil war in Venezuela.

The Federal War began in February 1859 in the city of Coro, in the state of Falcon, as a revolt by the liberal federalists against the conservatives, who supported a centralist form of government. The war soon spread throughout the country, engendering a movement among the broad peasant masses in support of the liberals. The head of the liberals, E. Zamora, championed social equality and justice and attacked the dominant oligarchy. Also involved in the war were the urban poor, as well as the slaves, who had sought freedom but had not obtained it although slavery had been officially abolished in 1854.

The liberals won several military victories over the conservatives, the largest at Sabana de la Cruz in September 1859 and in Santa Inés in December 1859. In 1860, however, after the violent death of Zamora, a moderate wing rose to prominence among the liberals, and in April 1863 it concluded a treaty with the conservatives.

The Federal War claimed 40,000 lives at a time when the total population of Venezuela was less than 2 million. Although the war did not alter the country’s socioeconomic system, it seriously undermined the position of the traditional oligarchy.


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