Ontario Nature

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Ontario Nature (FON)

Address:355 Lesmill Rd
Don Mills, ON M3B2W8

Web: www.ontarionature.org
Established: 1931. Description:Dedicated to protecting and conserving Ontario's natural heritage through education, scientific research, public policy, and nature protection programs. Champions woodlands, wetlands, and wildlife and preserves essential habitat through its own system of nature reserves. Members: 15,000 individuals and 100 member groups. Dues: $40/year.
Publications: Seasons (quarterly); free to members.

See other parks in Ontario.
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Partners for the project include Bowater, Lakehead University, the Canadian Forest Service, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and the Federation of Ontario Naturalists.
The Conservation Council of Ontario is exploring the creation of an Ontario Smart Growth Network, while the Federation of Ontario Naturalists is co-ordinating a series of southern Ontario-wide workshops to educate and mobilize residents against urban sprawl.
Those groups included producer organizations such as AGCare, the Ontario Environmental Farm Coalition, the Ontario Federation of Agriculture and the Innovative Farmers Association of Ontario; conservation groups such as Conservation Ontario, Ducks Unlimited and the Federation of Ontario Naturalists; the media; government department officials and key politicians in both Ontario's provincial parliament and the Canadian parliament.
Mississauga ON L4W 1R1 (416) 629-1184 (information on outlets for native stock) Federation of Ontario Naturalists 355 Lesmill Rd.
The day after the Tories' Living Legacy announcement, the Partnership for Public Lands -- the coalition of environmental groups involved in the process, led by the World Wildlife Fund Canada, the Wildlands League, and the Federation of Ontario Naturalists -- were quick to congratulate Harris for increasing the percentage of land protected.
What the paper fails to mention is that the Federation of Ontario Naturalists spent more than three years fighting two timber management plans (TMP).
The Federation of Ontario Naturalists says the forest management pacts are failing to protect Crown lands.
Through a Web site, they have launched an electronic letter-writing lobbying campaign to Environment Minister Jim Wilson demanding a full environmental review and have garnered the support of the Sierra Club of Canada, the Federation of Ontario Naturalists, Great Lakes United and the Northern Ontario Tourist Outfitters Association.
The Federation of Ontario Naturalists has resources and an on-line discussion forum on smart growth in Ontario: www.ontarionature.org
The Federation of Ontario Naturalists (FON) has joined forces with a number of other conservation groups, including the Save the Oak Ridges Moraine (STORM) Coalition, in a campaign to protect the Moraine.
In other words, in gaining recognition for the Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater area, Ontario environmental and recreational groups, including the Federation of Ontario Naturalists and the Wildlands League, had paid a price in terms of other areas and in terms of the non-conforming uses that would be permitted within various parts of the provincial parks system (Killan, 1990).
The Federation of Ontario Naturalists began offering conservation volunteering expeditions in 1996 and has witnessed an increase in their volunteer team from 32 participants in that first season to 116 in 2001.

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