For Russian rulers thus named, use Feodor.
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He had made himself indispensable in several quarters, amongst others in his department of the government; and yet it was a known fact that Fedor Ivanovitch Epanchin was a man of no education whatever, and had absolutely risen from the ranks.
Karen Fedor, VP of AMERICAN FORESTS' Global ReLeaf Center, said she was thrilled about the program and impressed with its results.
AMERICAN FORESTS' Karen Fedor, the head of the Global ReLeaf program, attended the ceremony, bringing along the very trowel used by First Lady Harding at the original planting outside the headquarters of AMERICAN FORESTS.
The species lives in very remote locations, yet it's being affected by humans either through introduced diseases--in this case white pine blister rust--or through the suppression of natural fires, points out Karen Fedor, vice president of Global ReLcaf at AMERICAN FORESTS.
"Global ReLeaf Sarajevo is having a positive impact on the community and is helping to return the city's tree canopy," says Karen Fedor, director of AMERICAN FORESTS' Global ReLeaf Center.
So if you've spotted a colossal cottonwood, a monstrous maple, or an august ash, submit your nomination by August 1 to Karen Fedor (kfedor@amfor.org).
"Of all the groups I've worked with in the past, the energy of the Eddie Bauer employees is just phenomenal," says Karen Fedor, who directs AMERICAN FORESTS' Global ReLeaf program.
"Trees planted in Wildfire ReLeaf restoration projects help nature regenerate and restore ecosystems scorched by catastrophic wildfire and also return native species in decline or displaced by non-native species," says Karen Fedor, director of AMERICAN FORESTS' Global ReLeaf program.
Applications can be obtained by calling Karen Fedor at 202/955-4500, ext.
His strict standards and scientific background built credibility for the new program, says Karen Fedor, director of Global ReLeaf.
The robot, called Fedor, sent out a tweet upon arriving, saying: "Sorry about the delay.