Fedor Andreevich Matisen

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Matisen, Fedor Andreevich


Born May 20 (June 1), 1872, in St. Petersburg; died Dec. 19, 1921, in Irkutsk. Russian military hydrographer and traveler.

In 1897, Matisen graduated from the Naval Cadet Corps. He was a member of the Spitzbergen degree expedition of 1899 and the polar expedition of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 1900-03. In the latter expedition he was captain and commander of the yacht Zaria (1902-03; after the death of E. V. Toll’ he was head of the expedition). Matisen was one of the organizers of a hydrographic expedition to study the Arctic Ocean (1910-15). He organized and led the first Soviet hydrographic expedition to the mouths of the Lena and Olenek. Matisen investigated Tiksi Bay and proved its suitability for the construction of a seaport. The strait between Vil’kitskii, Taimyr, and Nansen islands on the north coast of the Taimyr Peninsula is named after Matisen.


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