Fedor Fedorovich Kamenskii

Kamenskii, Fedor Fedorovich


Born Aug. 21 (Sept. 2), 1836, in Lesnoe, a suburb of St. Petersburg; died Aug. 26, 1913, in Clearwater, Fla., USA. Russian sculptor.

From 1852 to 1860, Kamenskii studied under I. P. Vitali and N. S. Pimenov at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. From 1863 to 1869 he studied in Italy on a fellowship. He lived in Florence between 1870 and 1873. Kamenskii became a resident of the United States in 1873. His works (primarily small-scale sculpture), which were devoted to subjects from daily life, were often marked by sentimentalism. Kamenskii sought to overcome the abstract quality of academic sculpture. His marble sculptures include The Boy Sculptor (1866) and The First Step (1872)—both are in the Russian Museum in Leningrad. Kamenskii also sculptured portraits.


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