Fedor Kondratevich Volkov

Volkov, Fedor Kondrat’evich


(also F. D. Vovk). Born Mar. 17 (29), 1847, in the village of Kriachkovka, in present-day Piriatin Raion, Poltava Oblast; died June 29, 1918. Ukrainian ethnographer, anthropologist, and archaeologist of the evolutionist school.

Volkov studied at the universities of Odessa and Kiev. From 1879 to 1905 he lived as an emigre in France. He began teaching at St. Petersburg University in 1907 (becoming a professor in 1917). His published works include Anthropological Features of the Ukrainian People (1916) and Ethnographic Features of the Ukrainian People (1916), which were influenced by the bourgeois nationalist trend. He did research on the paleolithic Mezina site.