Fedor Leontevich Shaklovityi

Shaklovityi, Fedor Leont’evich


Date of birth unknown; died Oct. 11 (21), 1689, in Moscow. Russian state figure and diplomat.

The son of a petty nobleman, Shaklovityi became a pod’iachii (minor official) of the Prikaz Tainykh Del (Bureau of Secret Affairs) in 1673 and a dumnyi d’iak (administrative clerk of the Boyar Duma) in 1682. After the Moscow Uprising of 1682, he headed the Streletskii Prikaz (central office for the administration of the strel’tsy, or semiprofessional musketeers).

A supporter of Sof’ia Alekseevna in her struggle against Peter I, Shaklovityi, together with his followers, was arrested when Peter came to power. Shaklovityi was interrogated under torture and executed.


Rozysknye déla o Fedore Shaklovitom i ego soobshchnikakh, vols. 1–1. St. Petersburg, 1884–93.