Fedor Mikailovich Mantulin

The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Mantulin, Fedor Mikailovich


Born in 1880 in the village of Gaponovo, Kursk Province; died Dec. 19, 1905 (Jan. 1, 1906), in Moscow. A leader of the December Armed Uprising of 1905 in Moscow. Member of the RSDLP from 1904. Son of a peasant.

Mantulin started to work in a sugar refinery in Kursk Province in 1894. In 1903 he became a machinist at the Danilov Sugar Refinery in Moscow. He carried on revolutionary work among the workers of Presnia District and headed a social democratic circle at the plant. In October 1905 the Moscow committee of the RSDLP made him the organizer and commander of a fighting druzhina at the plant. In November he became a member of the Moscow soviet and chief of staff of the workers’ detachments in Presnia. He took part in the fighting at the barricades. On December 18 he was seized by a unit of the Semenovskii Regiment and was shot. The Krasnaia Presnia Sugar Refinery (the former Danilov Sugar Refinery) and a street in Moscow (the former Studenitskii Lane) have been named in his honor.


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