Fedor Shvedov

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Shvedov, Fedor Nikoforovich


Born Feb. 14, 1840; died Dec. 12,1905, in Odessa. Russian physical chemist.

Shvedov graduated from the University of St. Petersburg in 1863. In 1870 he became a professor at Novorossiia University in Odessa, and from 1895 to 1903 he was rector of the university; under his direction the institution was greatly expanded.

Shvedov was one of the founders of the rheology of disperse systems. In 1889, using a rotatory viscometer of his own invention, he became the first to observe the elastic form and anomalous viscosity of colloidal solutions. Shvedov studied the relaxation of stress in colloids and established an equation to express the viscoelastic flow of disperse systems.


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