Fedorov, Afanasii

Fedorov, Afanasii Ignat’evich


Born July 30, 1926, in the nasleg (village) of Kharbalakh, Verkhneviliuisk Raion, Yakut ASSR; died Apr. 19, 1959, in Moscow. Soviet Yakut writer.

Fedorov studied at the M. Gorky Institute of Literature in Moscow from 1949 to 1951 and subsequently worked as a schoolteacher. He began publishing in 1947. His play Forward (1948) depicts life on Yakut collective farms after the war. Fedorov also wrote works about his contemporaries. These include novellas, such as A Steep Rise (1958) and Unwithering Branches (1959), and short stories, sketches, and plays, such as Three Birches (1950).


Talïllïbiït ayïmn’ïlar, vols. 1–2. Yakutsk, 1961–62.
In Russian translation:
Ia ne zabudu tebia, Urencha. Yakutsk, 1964.


Ocherk istorii iakutskoi sovetskoi literatury. Moscow, 1970.