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A program for watching for new content at user-specified RSS feeds.

An example is BottomFeeder.
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content aggregator

An organization that combines information such as news, sports scores, weather forecasts and reference materials from various sources and makes it available to its customers. See customer aggregator.

remote access concentrator

A remote access server that supports one or more T1/E1 lines, allowing multiple analog and ISDN calls to come in over one port from the telephone company. Remote access concentrators can handle much higher call densities than remote access servers. They include the dial-up protocols, access control and the equivalent of a modem pool. See remote access server, remote access router and IAD.
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Asynchronously, instances of the Feed Reader receive messages from the Feed Reader queue.
Subscribe to any available RSS feed with an RSS feed reader, such as Google Reader or Omea, in which all of the information comes directly to a centralized place for you to check.
In order to read RSS feeds, you must use a feed reader.
Google has had a web-based feed reader for a while now at
Feedly has purely played on user experience in the feed reader market, which is ofcourse overcrowded and questions are being raised about the future of RSS.
New postings will then be delivered to your choice of RSS feed reader as they are posted.
The operating system is the maemo-Linux-based OS2008, which supports Web 2.0 Ajax, Adobe Flash 9, an RSS feed reader, and Bluetooth headset.
The end user links to this Feed through an aggregator program also known as a feed reader. This software checks For new content and helps the end user organize this flood of information.
When that resource is updated, the new content appears in the user's RSS feed reader or aggregator.
The new handset offers multimedia functionalities including single-click access to MTV channels and to MTV's musical playlists; a choice of preloaded MTV content; a 2 megapixel camera; an MP3 player; a videoconferencing function; an RSS feed reader; and a memory that can be expanded with a micro SD card.A The MTV 3.4 is available for EUR29 as part of the SFR pack.
RSS feeds can be read using software called an "RSS reader," "feed reader," or "aggregator," which can be Web-based or desktop-based.
You can also plug RSS feeds into a feed reader, or take those same feeds and set up a personalized homepage.