Feehan, Christine

Feehan, Christine

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Romance writer Christine Feehan is the author of the Dark series of novels about a vampiric race called the Carpathians. Through 2009, some 18 titles appeared. Feehan was born Christina King, in California, where she also grew to adulthood in a large family. She married Richard Feehan. He first novel, Dark Prince appeared in 1999. It was the first of her Dark novels which together form about two-thirds of the novels she has written.

The “Dark” series centers on the lives, struggles, and adventures of a people known as the Carpathians, who in the novels are an ancient race of hominids that live unnoticed within the human community. Live traditional vampires, they live on human blood and have extremely long life spans. They can shape shift and have considerable personal strength. Carpathians attempt to feed on humans in such a way as to not kill them and begin to arouse the world to their presence.

In the present, the Carpathians have a problem. In recent centuries, they have been unable to produce children who can survive their first year. It is also the case that it has been more than 500 years since a female has been born. Meanwhile, if unable to connect with a lifemate, male Carpathians lose both their ability to see in color and to feel emotionally. They are only moved emotionally by the rush that comes from killing, however, the price of killing is their transformation into a soulless monster, and a close resemblance to the traditional monster as an undead vampire. Vampires unable to find a mate often commit suicide by walking into the dawning sun. The dilemmas faced by the Carpathian males provides the majority of the material to be explored in Feehan’s different novels, most of which center on the story of one particular individual. More recent novels will bring back fan-favorite characters for updating and encores.

Feehan has yet to announce any conclusion to her Dark series. In 2007 her novel Dark Hunger was adapted as a manga-style comic book. She maintains an Internet site at http://www.christinefeehan.com/.


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