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a megye (county) in Hungary, located between the Danube River and Lake Balaton, mainly on the Mezőfóld Plain and the Vértes and Bakony mountains to the northwest. Population, 399,000 (1973). Fejér covers an area of 4,374 sq km. Its administrative center is Székesfehérvár.

Fejér has an industrial and agricultural economy. In 1970 industry and construction employed 49.8 percent of the economically independent population, and agriculture 25.2 percent. Lignite is mined at Mor, and bauxites are mined at the Gánt and Iszkaszentgyôrgy deposits, which yield approximately 700,000 tons annually, or one-third of the country’s total bauxite output. Fejér is an important center for ferrous metallurgy. The Danube Metallurgical Combine in Dunaújváros accounts for approximately one-third of the country’s total steel output. There is also a rolled-alluminum plant in Székesfehérvár. Also in Székesfehérvár are the Ikarus Bus Plant, which accounts for 33 percent of the country’s total output of motor vehicles, and the Videoton Radio and Television Plant, which produces all of Hungary’s radio receivers and 72 percent of its television sets.

Fejér’s machine-tool and instrument-making industries are also important. The megye has enterprises of the pulp and paper industry that account for 70 percent of Hungary’s pulp production and 49 percent of its paper production. It also has enterprises of the textile and garment industries.

Approximately 70 percent of the territory of Fejér is cultivated, and approximately 6 percent is forested. The main crops are maize and wheat; the main industrial crop is sugar beets. Vegetables and fruits, including grapes, are raised, and dairy cattle and pigs are fattened.


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