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Felicia, asteroid 294 (the 294th asteroid to be discovered, on July 15, 1890), is approximately 35 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 5.5 years. Its name means lucky or happy. When prominent in a natal chart, Felicia indicates a lucky person with a generally positive attitude. Its location by sign and house indicates potential sources of luck or happiness. When involved in many inharmonious aspects, Felicia may show an unlucky or unwisely optimistic person.


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Late one evening, Felicia came up to me and just said 'Madam, I am very sick.
Felicia, 33, was attacked in her home in Pennsylvania with her four siblings for many years.
While there are several endowed professorships currently available within the department, all with an emphasis on mining, Syd Peng noted this professorship will also be available to specialists in the mineral processing area, which is Felicia Ping's area of research expertise.
I am just so proud of Felicia,'' said her coach Ken Pelletier.
Felicia Cui of the De La SalleZobel (DLSZ) Volleyball Girls is no exception.
Last night Ross Hamilton's longterm girlfriend Antonia Leslie said: "Ross is very close to Felicia, He's always considered her to be his sister.
Appelhans's first-person narrative establishes a close relationship between Felicia and the reader.
Jim and Felicia have built a successful business with a loyal following of customers.
The fight scene featuring Felicia and some rowdy locals, being a case in point, exploring the prejudice gay people face in the outside world.
com reported, "Nick and his wife jumped into action to help contain the situation--Nick performing combat life saving techniques on the elderly woman who was involved and Felicia distracting the father whose seven year old son was killed instantly as a result of the accident.
This placid veneer is tested to breaking point by his involvement with Felicia and the cultural baggage she brings with her from a country that excited strong feelings in Hilditch's duplicitous former mentor: "The Black and Tans should have sorted that island out, his Uncle Wilf said, only unfortunately they held back for humane reasons" (149).
London, Apr 29 ( ANI ): Felicia Noir, a saucy burlesque dancer, is said to have splashed out on nipple tassels courtesy Prince Charles' charity.