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Felicia, asteroid 294 (the 294th asteroid to be discovered, on July 15, 1890), is approximately 35 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 5.5 years. Its name means lucky or happy. When prominent in a natal chart, Felicia indicates a lucky person with a generally positive attitude. Its location by sign and house indicates potential sources of luck or happiness. When involved in many inharmonious aspects, Felicia may show an unlucky or unwisely optimistic person.


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Felicia Alexander and Dave Parker try to keep their evenings free for their families.
When Felicia is murdered shortly before the novel ends, there is a strong implication that some of the former collaborators are behind it.
When we look at what Anatole in Les points sur les i describes as a liberal relationship between three open-minded and mature people, we soon discover that the situation is not at all doing justice to human dignity, especially Felicia's dignity.
The Volunteer Identification Program (VIP) was near and dear to Felicia's heart.
Both "Sunshine" and "Felicia's Journey" are minority Canuck co-productions: "Sunshine," an epic tale chronicling several generations of a Jewish family in Hungary, is a Canadian-German-Austrian-Hungarian co-prod, while "Felicia's Journey" is a British-Canadian co-production.
In Felicia's Journey-only the second film he has not written from scratch, out of eight features made so far-Egoyan has ventured onto Trevor's turf, traveling to Ireland and the English Midlands.
The Felicia is a budget car and some of the interior decor reflects that.
Here, Felicia (Elaine Cassidy), a pregnant Irish teenager, travels to England in search of her baby's father and winds up in the clutches of the obsessional factory manager Hilditch (Bob Hoskins).
The contrast between the green fields Felicia has left behind and the ugly concrete towers is neatly made.
Yet that's the quality Oscar-nominated Canadian filmmaker Atom Egoyan has captured in his latest work, Felicia's Journey, shot extensively in this very city.
Felicia Cosman of Helen Hays Hospital in New York found that women with MS have lower than average bone mass, a condition leading to bone weakness and the likelihood of fractures.
FELICIA Mabuza-Suttle and her husband Earl are going at each other.