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Felicitas, asteroid 109 (the 109th asteroid to be discovered, on October 9, 1869), is approximately 76 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 4.4 years. It was named after the Roman goddess of happiness. When prominent in a natal chart, Felicitas indicates a person with a generally positive attitude. Its location by sign and house position indicates potential sources of happiness. When involved in many inharmonious aspects, Felicitas may show a person who is glad about the wrong things, or an unwisely optimistic person.


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But resident Felicitas MacFie said: "We would like them removed.
Felicitas Hoppe, born in 1960 in Hameln, studied Comparative Literature and Rhetoric at Tubingen, Berlin, Rome, and in the United States.
Because Felicitas has suffered so from patriarchal authority, she must eliminate both priest and lover from her life, choosing as a husband "another needy creature who is dependent on her" (116).
The combination of the GENIOS publications and Factiva's content set will allow us to better serve our customers and make more informed business decisions within the German marketplace," said Felicitas Schneider, assistant principal of Roland Berger & Partner GmbH.
Finnis accounts for Aristotelian eudaimonia [what Aquinas calls felicitas and beatitudo] in terms of what he calls "integral human fulfillment.
Felicitas Alejandro, of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board, said the broadcast was apparently accidental, but the station, GMA Network Inc, was warned that any recurrence could attract a penalty.
The first book of her adventures, a haunting tale of desire, hatred, and yearning for spirituality is built around the stormy triangular relationship between Catherine, her lover Pierre Indemini, and the diabolic Baroness Fanny Felicitas Hohenstein.
The Passion of Perpetua and Felicitas, an early Christian text, tells their story in a vivid narrative that is all the more remarkable because embedded within it is the diary that the young Roman matron Perpetua kept during her prison stay and in which she recorded a series of religious visions.
In De Consolatione Philosophiae, Boethius defines two types of happiness, which he refers to with the nouns felicitas and beatitudo.
In The Company of Women (1981), Felicitas is nurtured by a large circle of Catholic women.
Amongst the intended victims were a young woman called Vibia Perpetua, and her companion in prison, a young female slave named Felicitas.
Winner's Summary NAME CITY AMOUNT John Woods Gardena $75,000 James Tomlinson Gustine $30,000 Doris Buchanan Lompoc $25,000 Haseeb Neyazi Fremont $25,000 David Sepulveda El Monte $ 5,000 Robert Gonzales Yuba City $ 4,000 Francisco Magana Santa Paula $ 2,500 Cristie Stewart Stockton $ 2,000 Demetrio Pagulong Norwalk $ 2,000 Felicitas Abrenilla Milpitas $ 1,750 Ashout Shahnazaryan Glendale $ 1,750 Koie Osathanukhro Bakersfield $ 1,750 Donna Dehus Modesto $ 1,750 TOTAL $177,500