Felipe, León

Felipe, León


(pen name of León Felipe Camino y Galicia). Born Apr. 11, 1884, in Tabara, province of Zamora, Spain; died December 1968 in Mexico City. Spanish poet.

The influence of symbolism on Felipe’s verse can be seen in the collection Verses and Prayers of a Traveler (parts 1–2, 1920–30). His poetry in the collections Badge of Excellence (1938), The Spaniard of Exodus and Tears (1939), The Great Responsibility (1940), and You Will Conquer the World (1953) is filled with hatred for social injustice. In his book Oh, This Old Broken Violin (1965), a strong sense of civic responsibility and implacable opposition to fascism are combined with motifs of tragic loneliness.


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In Russian translation:
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