Felling and Hauling Machine

The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Felling and Hauling Machine


a logging machine used for the cutting and felling of trees, the formation of bundles, and their transportation (hauling) to the logging road. There are two types of felling and hauling machines: the narrow-grasp type, which approaches each tree during operation, and the wide-grasp type, which cuts trees from a certain distance. The wide-grasp felling and hauling machine moves along skids laid out twice as far apart as the sweep of the working arm, without displacing the underbrush. Machines of this type have a limited load capacity and durability and are mainly used in selective felling. Narrow-grasp machines are used for working plots with large trees. The VTM-4 felling and hauling machine is driven by one operator and prepares 60-80 cu m of lumber in a shift. A chain sawing device is used on the machine. For cutting and felling thinner trees (diameters up to 30 cm), power cutting devices of the hydraulic-clipper type are used.


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