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She disputes the attribution of the "Oration" to Zinovii Otenskii, best known for his criticism of the heresy of Feodosii Kosoi.
In addition to the metropolitan, Archbishop Feodosii of Novgorod called a campaign against the Tatars as early as 1545-46: Letter 37, Dopolneniia, 1:38-40.
Before Christmas, Konarkhist gave the unbound miscellany to Hierodeacon Iessei Shosh to correct "according to the rules, one article after another, as decently as possible" and write a "laudatory preface." Several days later in the monastery refectory, Shosh overheard a conversation between Hierodeacon Irinarkh, the monastery's librarian, and the monastery's former treasurer Feodosii. Feodosii asked Irinarkh to find him a copy of Kormchaia kniga containing the prohibition against beard shaving.
(47) In 1421, Feodosii, hegumen Of the Klopskii Monastery, was elected Archbishop of Novgorod, but was never consecrated before the Novgorodians themselves removed him from office in 1423.
(33) Moreover, in 1657 Arsenii aided the Borisoglebskii archimandrite Feodosii (1657-60) in gaining assurances from Tsar Aleksei Mikhailovich that the Semenov Monastery would continue to belong to the Borisoglebskii Monastery.