Ferdinand Flocon

Flocon, Ferdinand


Born Nov. 1, 1800, in Paris; died Mar. 15, 1866, in Lausanne. French political figure and journalist. Petit bourgeois democrat.

From 1845 to 1848, Flocon was editor in chief of the newspaper La Réforme. After the February Revolution of 1848, he became a member of the provisional government. From May to June 1848 he was a member of the Constituent Assembly, serving as minister of trade and agriculture. Flocon condemned the uprising of June 1848 and supported the dictatorship of L. E. Cavaignac; nonetheless, he was forced out of the government at the end of June 1848. Despite his opposition to the uprising, Flocon advocated amnesty for the rebels. After the Bonapartist coup d’etat on Dec. 2, 1851, Flocon came out against the monarchist reaction. He was banished from France.

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