Ferdo Culinovic

Čulinović, Ferdo


Born May 17, 1897, in Karlovac; died Sept. 15, 1971, in Zagreb. Yugoslav historian. Academician of the Yugoslav Academy of Sciences and Arts (1962).

Čulinovié was a lawyer by education. During the National Liberation War in Yugoslavia of 1941–45, he was a member of the Antifascist National-Liberation Council of Croatia and served as secretary of the council’s legislative commission. In 1945 he became a professor of national history in the law faculty of the University of Zagreb. Čulinović was the author of many works on the history of Yugoslavia.


In Russian translation:
Krest’ianskie vosstaniia v Khorvatii. Moscow, 1959.
Otkliki Oktiabria v iugoslavianskikh zemliakh. Moscow, 1967.