Ferenc Juhász

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Juhász, Ferenc


Born Aug. 16, 1928, in Bia. Hungarian poet.

Juhász studied at the philology department of the University of Budapest from 1947 to 1949. In the collection The Winged Foal (1949) and the narrative poems The Sántha Family (1950) and My Father (1950), he celebrates the harmoniousness of the laboring peasant’s life. Tragic motifs predominate in the collections New Poems (1951), The Power of Flowers (1955), The Blossoming Tree of Peace (1965), and Battle With a White Lamb (1965); the poet interprets tragically his awareness of the contradictions of life and his anxiety for the future of mankind. In the narrative poem Night Visions (1962), the catharsis of Juhász’ sense of crisis is reflected in a sense of civic responsibility and the creative freedom of the poet participating in socialism.

Juhász received the Kossuth Prize in 1951 and 1973.


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