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Molnár, Ferenc


Born Jan. 12, 1878, in Budapest; died Apr. 2, 1952, in New York. Hungarian author.

Molnár was born into a bourgeois family. He attended the University of Geneva and made his literary debut in 1896. During the fascist regime, Molnár emigrated to the United States. His short story collections The Hungry City (1901) and Coal Thieves (1918) and his novels The Secret of Aruvim Forest (1917) and Andor (1918) are full of compassion for the unfortunate. Molnár’s novella The Paul Street Boys (1907; Russian translation, 1958) is a lyrical reminiscence of his childhood. Molnár’s plays, which criticized aristocratic and bourgeois mores, were popular( The Devil, 1907; The Wolf, 1912; Play in the Castle, 1926; Olympia, 1928), as were the plays that depicted the everyday life of the urban “lower depths” and the poor( Liliom, 1910; Russian translation, 1960; Love in Heaven and on Earth, 1922; The Glass Slippers, 1924).


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Ferenc Molnar was and is the best-known Hungarian writer abroad, even despite the present fashion of Marai and the past glory of such poets as Petofi, Attila Jozsef, and Radnoti.
Ferenc Molnar's career, as recorded by Clara Gyorgyey, is a great public success story and a private struggle for unattainable happiness; those who give their best to everyone--and Molnar had a major talent to serve--leave very little peace and quiet for themselves.
Under the expert tutelage of director Laszlo Marton, the troupe has started out strong mounting an impeccably tasteful and delicately performed version of the "The Play's the Thing," a 1926 Hungarian satire by Ferenc Molnar.
In his unpretentious armchair biography (his seventh book, the second to be published in Hungary) of his maternal grandfather, "All the World's a Stage: The Dramatic Life of Ferenc Molnar," Sarkozi does not so much inform as entertain us about Molnar (1878-1952), who proves to be an intriguing subject even today, more than four decades after his death.
The legend of the extravagantly colorful and enigmatic Ferenc Molnar is inexhaustible.
4), Lupu has acted as production dramaturg on David Storey'sHome with Wright and Ferenc Molnar's The Play's the Thing with Michael Engler.
They went on to write Carousel (1945), based on Ferenc Molnar's Liliom; South Pacific (1949), with <IR> JOSHUA LOGAN </IR> , based on <IR> JAMES A.
She is also the author of a monograph on Ferenc Molnar, arguably the best-known Hungarian playwright to date.
Independent Players will open its 41st season with a very popular play titled "The Guardsman" by Ferenc Molnar at the Elgin Art Showcase in the Professional Building, 164 Division St.
This is Independent Players' second foray into the world of Ferenc Molnar. It presented his equally well-known comedy "The Play's the Thing" during its 2003-04 season, and is excited to finally be bringing "The Guardsman" to life on the Elgin stage.
Independent Players will open its 41st Season (2018-2019) with a very popular play entitled The Guardsman by Ferenc Molnar at the Elgin Art Showcase, 164 Division Street, Elgin.