Fermi Level

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Fermi level

[′fer·mē ‚lev·əl]
(statistical mechanics)
The energy level at which the Fermi-Dirac distribution function of an assembly of fermions is equal to one-half. Also known as Fermi energy.

Fermi Level


the energy level below which all energy states of the particles of a degenerate gas that obey Fermi-Dirac statistics are occupied at a temperature of absolute zero (seeSTATISTICAL MECHANICS). Particles of a degenerate gas that obey Fermi-Dirac statistics are called fermions. The existence of the Fermi level is a consequence of the Pauli exclusion principle, according to which not more than (2s + 1) particles, where s is the spin of a particle, may occupy a state with a specified momentum p. The Fermi level coincides with the values of the chemical potential of a fermion gas at T = 0°K.

The Fermi level ℰF can be expressed in terms of the number n of gas particles per unit volume: ℰF = [(2πℏ)2/2m] [3n/4π(2s + 1)], where m is the particle mass. The quantity Fermi Level is called the Fermi momentum. At T = 0°K, the particles occupy all states with momenta p < pF; all states with p > pF are empty. In other words, at T = 0°K, fermions occupy states in momentum space that lie within a sphere p2 = 2mF of radius pF; this sphere is called the Fermi sphere. Upon heating, some particles move from a state with p < pF to a state with p > pF. Vacant sites, called holes, occur within the Fermi sphere. The quantity Fermi Level is called the Fermi velocity and specifies the upper limit to the velocities of fermions at T = 0°K.

A degenerate gas consisting of conduction electrons in a solid at T = 0°K occupies surfaces of more complex shape in momentum space (see).


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These spectra exhibit significant changes in electron states below the Fermi level after being normalized to possess the same integrated intensity with respect to 0-19 eV binding energies.
The transmission coefficients at the Fermi level for spin-up and spin-down electrons are 0.
An electron from the Fermi level can be extracted through the facet F and returned into the metal on the Fermi level through the facet F.
88 meV and the Fermi level is taken close to the bottom of conduction band for GaAs.
These rely on an electric field to control the Fermi level and hence the conductivity of a channel.
Defects that lead to changes in the electronic structure, within the HOMO-LUMO gap, will not necessarily alter the conductivity significantly and change the density of states near the Fermi level.
Interfacial charge injection is dictated by chemical bonding and the resulting band lineup between the Fermi level of the contact and transport levels (HOMO and LUMO) of the molecule.
This site is the Fermi level or surface of the atom.
Biasing an IC can increase or decrease the Fermi level difference between the regions, thereby altering the magnitude of the electron-hole pair separation.
Therefore no current flows through the device so long as the lowest quantized level in the well E0 is above the Fermi level EF in the contact layer.
ARPES provides a clear insight into the occupied band structure of the layer, by providing a k-space map near the Fermi level.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Scientists succeeded in showing the promise of surface-conduction channels in topological insulator nanoribbons made of bismuth telluride and demonstrate that surface states in these nanoribbons are 'tunable' - able to be turned on and off depending on the position of the Fermi level.