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real name Fernand Joseph D?sir? Contandin. 1903--71, French comic film actor



(stage name of Fernan-Joseph-Désiré Contandin). Born May 8, 1903, in Marseille; died Feb. 26, 1971, in Paris. French film actor.

After beginning his career on the variety stage, appearing in music-hall revues and operettas, Fernandel first performed in films in the early 1930’s. He acted in numerous motion pictures (not all of which are artistically significant), playing the comic role of a charming simpleton, a dauntless loser. Outright slapstick characterized most of his films, including Squadron Fun (1932) and Casimir (1950). In a number of films, however, Fernandel was attracted to dramatic, psychologically complex roles, for example, in The Dance Card (1937), Topaz (1950), The Law Is the Law (1958), and The Devil and the Ten Commandments (1962).

Fernandel’s humor is closely linked with traditional French theater, especially the farce and fair theater, as well as with the folk types of Provence.


Chernenko, M. Fernandel’. Moscow, 1968.
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27) La transferencia la hicieron con el abogado Fernandel Alfonso y en tres casos falsificaron las firmas de tres de los adjudicados, porque al momento del englobe estaban muertos.
He read Balzac, Jules Verne, George Sand, and Madame Bovary; he listened to Georges Brassens, Edith Piaf, Michel Polnareff; he watched French movies (Serge Regiani, Bourvil, Fernandel, Jean Gabin); he amused himself buying Paris Match--and he did all this without direct acquaintance either with any of their Arabic equivalents or of France.
He invites her that evening to a film, a comedy starring Fernandel.
Otherwise, the films and musical selections presented are fairly representative of what one might expect from films of the era, embracing Renoir as much as Fernandel.
In his 1980's essay on Marseille(chkd), immortalised by Marcel Pagnol through his creations, Fanny, Marius and Cesar (chkd) and, of course, the film actors Fernandel and Raimu, Cobb wrote that the Marseille once depicted in Duvivier's film Carnet de Bal (chkd) is about as remote today as the Paris of Rene Clair.
Cayatte, 1942) to the Fernandel vehicle Simplet (Fernandel, 1942), the fantasy La symphonie fantastique (M.
The character also figured in a series of successful French-language films (1950s and '60s) starring the French comic actor Fernandel.
Upon hearing his name, Wang immediately rose and, with his characteristic Fernandel smile, turned and bowed to thank the speaker, who was obviously addressing him.
L'acteur principal est le celebre comedien Fernandel qui incarne dans ce film un de ses roles les plus populaires.
7 million), this lavish French laffer serves as an excuse for key members of '70s comedy troupe Le Splendid to reenact an old favorite, with Gerard Jugnot assuming the role of the bumbling monk made famous by Fernandel.
From there he contributed articles for Parisian newspapers and on a five-day leave in Marseille, sang with the screen comedian Fernandel and with Tino Rossi.