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Feronia, asteroid 72 (the 72nd asteroid to be discovered, on May 29, 1861), is approximately 96 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 3.4 years. It was named after the Roman goddess of freed slaves (the naming came at the beginning of the American Civil War), who was also the goddess of groves, woods, and orchards. Her shrine on Mount Soracte in Etruria was the scene of an annual fire-walking ritual. In a natal chart, the asteroid’s location by sign and house may indicate where one feels free from social bonds or the bondage of the past. A native with a prominent natal Feronia also feels an attraction for sylvan (related to the woods) environments.


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I was much surprised at the habits of Papilio feronia.
After moving along Feronia Street and entering Veterans once more, the parade will travel east and come to an end on the intersection of Veterans and Martin Behrman Avenue.
Since 2015, Monique has been regional director of Vlisco's Central African cluster and is a member of the Vlisco Group executive committee as well as on the board of Feronia, one of DRC's largest agribusinesses.
7-magnitude star northeast of Antares will be occulted by faint 72 Feronia for up to 4 seconds along a path from southern California across northern Arizona.
Other notable entrants and companies to watch within the functional category include: Boiron, homeopathic medicines for children and adults; Wisdom Natural Brands, stevia natural sweeteners including Sweet Drops; Feronia Water, sustainably tapped pure maple water; and Hylands, homeopathic sleep, skin and cold remedies.
La especie mas abundante es Ascia monuste con 97 individuos que representan el 13,19% de la abundancia, seguido por las especies Hamadryas feronia farinulenta (77 individuos), Phoebis sennae marcellina (74 individuos) y Anteos maerula (68 individuos); las cuatro especies representan el 42,99% de la abundancia total para este sector.
a software company that delivers high quality healthcare services to urban and rural communities, and Feronia Forests LLC, a forestry manager dedicated to sustainably managing natural hardwood forest properties in the United States.
Linnaeus describio por primera vez a Papilio feronia en 1758 y a Papilio amphinome en 1767; estas fueron las dos primeras especies descritas de lo que ahora es Hamadryas y fueron producto de las primeras recolectas exploratorias realizadas en America tropical.
However, the plant is not used by itself, but in combination with two other plants, Aegle marmelos and Feronia elephantum (Murthy et al.
Multiple shoot induction and plant regeneration of Feronia limoni a (L.