see FirozpurFirozpur
or Ferozepore
, city (1991 pop. 78,738), Punjab state, NW India, on the Sutlej River. It is a transportation hub and district administrative center, lying near the Pakistani border. Cotton and grain are traded, and there is some light manufacturing.
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, India.
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Nine hundred first-class devils, whose God was a Red Bull on a green field, would attend to Kim, if they had not forgotten O'Hara - poor O'Hara that was gang- foreman on the Ferozepore line.
Some of the interesting facts that Hajari talked about are -- Muhammad Ali Jinnah eloped with a girl 20 years younger to him and Jinnah and his lover quickly became Bombay's most glamorous couple, Jinnah and his lover cruised down marine drive in Jinnah's convertible and that Mountbatten pressured Radcliffe to redraw the map to give Ferozepore to India.
It also considered that the presence of the two large cities of Ferozepore and Amrisar in Hindustan, so close to the frontier near Lahore, would be an added reason for keeping a considerable garrison in Lahore to prevent incidents on the frontier due to inter-communal disturbances in the adjacent territories of Hindustan.
One of the most contentious points during Partition was the canal headworks in the Ferozepore tehsil (sub-district) of Punjab.
The following day, India closed down the Ferozepore headworks which controlled the Pakistani water supply.
Grey (builder of the so-called "Grey canals" in Ferozepore in the 1870s and 1880s), who spearheaded irrigation expansion through highly personalized administrative action.