see Ferdinand IFerdinand I
or Ferrante
, 1423–94, king of Naples (1458–94), illegitimate son and successor (in Naples) of Alfonso V of Aragón. His succession was challenged by Pope Calixtus III, but Pope Pius II made peace with him.
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, king of Naples.
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Ferrante, with us this year," said Tony Todaro, the conference organizer and President/Co-Founder of the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society (GLAWS).
Carey Ferrante, who did not list any link to the school but had interactions with persons interested in it, posted three photos of herself that were actually stock photos, including one of a faceless woman in a bikini, and sent Facebook messages to at least one person.
Angela Ferrante is a new addition to Port Washington-based Arden Claims Service, a class action settlement administration firm specializing in employment matters.
Ferrante and Hanning present an English translation of a romance written in French during the 12th-century reign of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine and read in England throughout the Middle Ages.
It will begin with Neuqua Valley senior Jacob Boumans (40-3), who gets a rematch with Huntley junior David Ferrante (44-2) in the 170-pound final.
WHO IS ELENA FERRANTE? TO THIS question there are three main responses: The first, found among 99% of humanity, is, "I don't know, and I don't care." The second, found among millions of avid Ferrante readers, is, "I know 'Elena Ferrante' is a pseudonym, but her publishers say she is a woman from a rough working-class neighborhood in 1950s Naples who struggled to acquire a classical education--and I believe them, because no writer from a different background, especially no male writer, could possibly express so powerfully the deepest and most forbidden emotions felt by every woman on the planet!" The third response, found among an indeterminate number of sceptics, is, "I don't know, and though mildly curious, I don't much care."
"We are very much aware that the situation right now is catastrophic," Valentina Ferrante, the group's country director for Yemen, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.
Transferring a book series as iconic as Elena Ferrante's Neapolitan novels was always going to be risky business but it has stayed faithful to the original.
Ferrante, general counsel and vice president of litigation management for Massachusetts-based Energi Insurance Services, said the influence of litigation funding causes claims that would normally settle in a five-figure range to settle at seven figures.
Senza alcuna campagna editoriale di grande clamore, il romanzo L'Amica geniale (2011) di Ferrante si e assicurato un posto nella letteratura internazionale, ha fatto guadagnare alia sua autrice una collaborazione con The Guardian, e ha dato vita a una serie televisiva.
PMMI's Maria Ferrante contributed an article discussing ways to eliminate contaminants and prevent recalls.