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A ferroalloy containing 15-45% titanium and used in steelmaking.
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a ferroalloy consisting of up to 35 or more than 60 percent Ti, 1–7 percent Al, 1–4.5 percent Si, and up to 3 percent Cu (Fe and impurities accounting for the remainder). The ferrotitanium with the lower percentages of Ti is produced by the nonfurnace aluminothermic method from ilmenite concentrate and titanium tailings; the higher percentage type is obtained by smelting iron and titanium tailings in an electric furnace. Ferrotitanium is used in deoxidizing and alloying steel.

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The titanium markets in 2005 were again led by the demand for ferro-titanium. The year started out with 6/4 ferro turnings in the $4 range, with this grade reaching a peak of more than $7, with multiple swings in between.
The demand for revert titanium scrap was constant throughout 2005 because of the demand from the military, commercial aircraft and commercial products, except in June when the ferro-titanium scrap prices took a severe downturn only to return to previous levels and then to fall again.
Then, in June, the doors shut tight at many of the mills and the market slumbered until the fourth quarter, when the ferro-titanium market firmed and showed signs of coming on strong again.
"Ferro-titanium is an additive that steel mills use," Stuart Freilich, president of Universal Metal, Worcester, Mass., says.
It is little exaggeration to say one can cut the gloom in the nickel, titanium and ferro-titanium scrap markets with a knife.