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Any alloy containing iron, usually in major amount. Also known as ferrous alloy.



any of the intermediate metallurgical products that are alloys of iron with silicon, manganese, chromium, and other elements and that are used in the smelting of steel (for deoxidizing and alloying the molten metal, binding harmful impurities, imparting the desired structure and properties to the metal), as well as in the manufacture of other ferroalloys (converted ferroalloys). By convention, the ferroalloy group also includes certain alloys, such as silicomanganese and calcium-silicon, which contain iron only as an impurity and certain metals and nonmetals in technically pure form (metallic manganese, metallic chromium, crystalline silicon). Ferroalloys containing several components are described as complex.

With iron present, the reduction of the oxides of the critical element of the ferroalloy (Mn, Cr) by carbon occurs at a lower temperature, more rapidly, more completely, and with less expenditure of energy. The melting range of ferroalloys, with rare exceptions, is lower than that of the pure metal; this difference facilitates the ferroalloy’s dissolution in the molten steel and cuts down the losses of the critical element caused by oxidation. The cost of an element in a ferroalloy is lower than in the technically pure form. The content of ferroalloy components that is considered standard varies with the chemical composition of the raw materials and the conditions under which the ferroalloys are smelted and introduced into the molten steel.


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Currently, VUPSA is responsible for much of Brazil's production of manganese ferroalloys. Later in the year, as part of BHP's corporate refocusing, its facilities for production of manganese ore (GEMCO, Northern Territory) and ferroalloys (TEMCO, Tasmania) were put up for sale.
Then, the heat is blocked with a combination of ferroalloys depending on the steel grade, and the final deoxidation is done during tap with additions from a hopper directly into the tapping stream.
Russian mining company Mechel OAO (NYSE:MTL) reported on Tuesday the installation of a ferroalloy electric furnace and the conduction of first smelting of ferrosilicon at its ferroalloys division's Bratsk Ferroalloy Plant.
In Brazil, manganese ferroalloy production was being restructured within the Vale-Usiminas Participacoes (VUPSA) segment of the now-privatized CVRD.
Jorn DeLinde, CRU International, Exton, Pennsylvania, presented ferroalloy pricing and production statistics.
This includes the use of pig iron and various ferroalloys.
This time the Japanese steelmakers and ferroalloy producers did not negotiate as an import cartel.
The presence of Al is due to its introduction to the ferrous scrap stream or the use of large amounts of ferroalloy. It easily combines with oxygen, chlorine and nitrogen to form |Al.sub.2~|O.sub.3~, AlN and Al|Cl.sub.3~, all relatively insoluble and less dense than the molten iron.
Ferroalloy makers took the opportunity to take furnaces offline for repair, or simply to adjust excess inventory.
Representatives of this company expressed interest in expansion of the ferroalloy plant in the town of Tash-Kumyr, construction of the magnesium plant using ferrosilicoaluminum for deoxidation, modernization of the hydropower plant for two previously mentioned business projects, rare earth elements and other possible business projects - aluminum, copper.
In 1988, Globe Metallurgical, Inc., a leading producer of silicon metal and ferrosilicon alloys, set a standard for quality in the ferroalloy industry by becoming the first small business winner of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.
Manganese ferroalloy prices weakened at mid-year, and alloy producers must be nervous in the face of manganese ore price increases anticipated in 1990.