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A crude ferroalloy containing chromium.



(also ferrochrome), a ferroalloy containing approximately 70 percent Cr (Fe and impurities constituting the remainder). Chromium ores (52–58 percent Cr2O3) serve as the raw material in the production of ferrochromium.

High-carbon ferrochromium (6–8 percent C) is produced in ore-reducing furnaces, while the alloy’s refined grades, a category including medium-carbon (0.8–1.5 percent C), low-carbon (0.1–0.5 percent C), and carbon-free (0.01–0.06 percent C) ferrochromium, are produced in electric refining furnaces by the silicothermic method. Medium-carbon ferrochromium is also produced in special converters from the high-carbon grade, and carbon-free ferrochromium is also produced by mixing chromium-calcium and silicon-chromium melts in a ladle. Carbon-free ferrochromium is obtained in briquette form by the decarbonization of briquetted powders of the medium-carbon and high-carbon grades of ferrochromium in a vacuum furnace at 1380°C; if at the end of this process the furnace is filled with nitrogen, nitrided ferrochromium (approximately 6 percent N) is obtained. Ferrochromium is used for alloying steel, and foundry ferrochromium serves as an intermediate in the production of ferrochrome silicon.

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We increased its capacity and made renovations with new technology and last year we exported 22,000 mt low carbon ferrochromium and calcium carbide.
Combined effects of fly ash and waste ferrochromium on properties of concrete.
Chromite ore producers wanted to export more ore, while ferrochromium producers wanted to limit Chromite ore exports to secure their source of ore.
Slag-metal equilibrium in the smelting of high carbon ferrochromium.
The metal-intermediate product was alloyed in the furnace using carbonaceous ferrochromium, having preliminarily deoxidized pool with approximately 1 kg/t of aluminium, then it was tapped into the ladle with separation of the furnace slag and creation in the ladle of oxide-fluoride slag of the CaO-Ca[F.
carbon 611030 Sweaters, pullovers, 39,547 60,677 sweatshirts, vests and similar articles of manmade fibers, knitted or crocheted 720241 Ferrochromium, containing 36,531 72,549 more than 4% (wt.
in 1968, has manufactured a stainless steel material called high-carbon ferrochromium.
Its reserves of chrome and manganese ore are the largest found in any single country, and South Africa is the world's leading producer of alumino-silicates, chrome ore, ferrochromium, gold, and platinum-group metals.
For example, Mr Dieudonne claims that "APIC-JigScan technology now guarantees recoveries of 85-90% for fine (0-3 mm) ferromanganese or ferrochromium, with final product grades of better than 97%.
Commissioning of the new ferroalloy plant will increase the export of Kazakh ferrochromium to Western Europe, the USA, China, and Japan.