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a genus of perennial herbs of the family Umbelliferae. The plants are often very large, reaching a height of 2–3 m and measuring 10 cm across. The leaves are dissected, and the yellow or whitish flowers are in umbels. The fruit consists of two dorsally compressed hemicarps, usually with filamentous ribs.

There are more than 130 species, distributed in Eurasia and North Africa. The USSR has about 100 species, growing predominantly in Middle Asia. The plants are raised as sources of tar, gum, essential oil, medicinal substances, animal feed, and spice. The most common species are from Middle Asia: they include F. assafoetida, F. schair, F. gumosa, F. galbaniflua, and F. moschata. The gum resin obtained from F. assafoetida is used medicinally to treat nervous and other disorders. The roots of F. schair contain many tars. F. gumosa and F. galbaniflua yield the gum resin galbanum, which was used in making medicinal plasters. F. moschata, which contains an essential oil having the scent of musk, is used with other Ferula species in perfumery. A number of species contain a significant amount of edible starch in their roots. The large rosette leaves of some species, including F. schair, are a valuable livestock feed.


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Ferula Foetida, one of the ingredients in the natural acidity remedies, Herbozyme capsules has the property to promote wind expulsion from the intestine.
Este reposiciono los dientes antes de 1 hora posterior al evento y coloco ferula elastica con nylon de mediano calibre al dia siguiente.
Se retira la parte del introductor de punta roma y se deja la ferula. Se introduce el cateter a traves de la ferula, dirigiendo la punta hacia hueco pelvico por la corredera izquierda, siempre respetando la memoria del cateter.
Essential oils of Melia azedarach, Linium usitatissium, Ferula narthex, Sasurrea costus, Viola odorata and Achyranthus aspera were tested for their contact toxicity and growth regulatory effects against Cryptolestes ferrugineus (Stephens).
(16) In addition, several species belonging to Apiaceae family, including Cuminum cyminum Linn., (17) Ferula gumosa Boiss., (18) Heracleum crenatifolium, (19) Pimpinella anisum L.