Festival de la Bastille

Bastille, Festival de la

Weekend closest to July 14
Because the storming of the Bastille on July 14, 1789, marked an important turning point in the history of France, members of the Club Calumet in Augusta, Maine, chose this day (or the nearest Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) to celebrate the state's French-Canadian (or Acadian) heritage. Events include entertainment by Cajun bands, French folk dancers and Maine cloggers, a huge fireworks display, and a parade through downtown Augusta.
In 1991 the festival honored 85 visitors from Paris—all members of the Sarthois Club who were in this country as part of an exchange with its sister club, Le Club Calumet. But the festival is not limited to the French or descendants of the original Acadian settlers. More than 13,000 visitors come to Augusta each year to participate in the festival. About one-fourth of Maine's current population is of Acadian descent.
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