Festival of Puppeteers

Puppeteers, Festival of

Early July
The art of making and performing with puppets has enjoyed a resurgence in the decades since World War II—particularly in the Czech Republic, where puppet ensembles proliferated after 1945. Every summer since 1951, a nationwide festival of puppeteers has been held in Chrudim. Puppeteers from other countries are often invited to participate in the festival.
In addition to the performances of puppet theaters, there are discussions and seminars on the art of puppetry.
Other international puppet festivals have been held in Barcelona, Spain; Braunschweig, Germany; Bielski-Biala, Poland; Bialystok, Poland; Bochum, Germany; and Washington, D.C.
City of Chrudim
The Old Town Hall, The Ressel Sq. 1
Chrudim, 53701 Czech Republic
420-469-645-821; fax: 420-469-645-821
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To mark the occasion, UConn will host the 2015 national festival of Puppeteers of America and an international puppet festival.
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