Festival of the Sea

Sea, Festival of the (Seamen's Day, Sjomannadagur)

First weekend in June
The Festival of the Sea is based on the Icelandic tradition of Seamen's Day, an occasion to honor all who make their living from the sea. It takes place annually, primarily in the city of Reykjavík, but also in fishing towns and villages nationwide.
Traditionally, fishermen compete during the festival in swimming and rowing races and other tests of strength, including the popular tug-of-war. However, the festival has been modernized in recent years, and now includes numerous cultural activities, parades, arts-and-crafts activities for kids, food fairs (featuring sea food in particular), and sailing competitions. In addition, newer residents of Iceland are given the opportunity to share the cultures of their homelands. Tourists come from far and wide to participate in the fun and to view boats and ships as they rest in the harbors.
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The rebuild was finished in 1992 and in April 1996 the restored boat left Blists Hill on a low loader with a police escort to take part in the International Festival of the Sea in Bristol.
"With the plans well advanced for Armed Forces Day in June 2018, Festival of the Sea, The World Fishing Championships, Llawn Arts Weekend and proposed music festival, residents and visitors have much to look forward to."
Guests can flock to Kalkan's very own free Festival of the Sea featuring children's processions, live Turkish bands and a flotilla of traditional gulets gliding on the shimmering sea.
The Festive Spirit Experience - a visit to Bahrain during festival time, such as the Bahrain Summer Festival, the Spring of Culture, the Giffoni Film Festival for children and the planned Festival of the Sea, Kite Festival and Palm Festival.
The Achill Island Festival of the Sea showcases the bountiful harvest of the Atlantic.
They have partnered with us in supporting Subios, the Seychelles Festival of the Sea, in addition to sending out diving trips to the destination, said Ahmed Fathallah, regional manager, Seychelles Tourism Office, Middle East.
These include; the Carnaval International de Victoria; the Eco Healing Marathon, the Seychelles Regatta; the Seychelles Festival of the Sea; and the Creole Festival, a week-long celebration marking the islands' cultural heritage.
The group's voyage will culminate at the Festival of the Sea in Hartlepool in a week, when a third group, from Ormesby School, will take over the running of the ship.
The ultimate aim is to put Omanis in the top ranks of world sailing in time for them to play a key part in the 2010 Festival of the Sea, a celebration to mark His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin SaidAEs 40th year on the throne.
The German Festival of the Sea market concept is a well established tradition which features annually at various towns and cities across Germany and neighbouring countries.

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