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The Fetterman Massacre (1865) stands as a pointed example of their increasing desperation.
00 Haydock A Sioux leader who scored a famous success over the US Army in 1866 when his warriors slaughtered a detachment of 81 troops - the Fetterman massacre - from Fort Phil Kearny in Wyoming.
He and the leaders of the Sioux and Cheyenne who live along the Bozeman Trail plot carefully and successfully carry out the battle of "Hundred in the Hand," killing 80 soldiers in what is known to American history as the Fetterman massacre of 1866.
Several historic episodes involved the military and American Indian tribes in the area, including the Fetterman Massacre and the Wagon Box Fight.
Rather, he analyzes "representative encounters"--captivities, Indian Removal, the Sand Creek Massacre, the Fetterman Massacre, and others--in order to delineate the assumptions that underlay the Newspaper Indian and the systems that brought it to the public eye, and, in general, the events he catalogues do seem to encompass many of the facets of the Indian-White encounter.
Smith (near Yellowtail Dam, Montana), and kept up relentless harassment attacks; of these, the most famous were the Fetterman Massacre (or Fight), a battle near Fort Phil Kearny, where most of Capt.