Fevralskii, Aleksandr

Fevral’skii, Aleksandr Vil’iamovich


Born Feb. 20 (Mar. 5), 1901, in Moscow. Soviet theater specialist. Doctor of art studies (1962).

Fevral’skii studied at the state experimental workshop under V. E. Meyerhold. He began writing in 1919. He wrote primarily on the work of V. V. Mayakovsky and V. E. Meyerhold and on the Georgian and Spanish theaters. His books include Ten Years of the Theater of Meyerhold (1931), The Rustaveli Theater (1959), Mayakovsky, the Dramatist (1940), Meetings With Mayakovsky (1971), The First Soviet Play: V. V. Mayakovsky’s “Mystery-Bouffe” (1971), and Notes of a Man the Same Age As the Century (1976).