Fibonacci sequence

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Fibonacci sequence

[‚fē·bə′näch·ē ‚sē·kwəns]
The sequence 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21, …, or any sequence where each entry is the sum of the two previous entries.
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Fibonacci sequence

The infinite sequence of numbers beginning

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, ...

in which each term is the sum of the two terms preceding it.

The ratio of successive Fibonacci terms tends to the golden ratio, namely (1 + sqrt 5)/2.

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The real fun of Fibonacci comes when you explore its common ratio; as Max suggests in the film, 'If you divide 144 into 233, the result approaches 9 [theta] - the Greek symbol for the golden ratio.' Granted, there're two mistakes in that sentence: the conventional symbol for the golden ratio is (p [phi], not 9, and really Max should say that if you divide two consecutive terms of the Fibonacci sequence, they'll approach phi...
Recent literature showed that considering its unique characteristics, Fibonacci sequence is used widespread in the modern era as in the application of lighting system [19], in the prediction of fluid flow and heat transfer [20], automotive [21], as well as cryptography application [22, 23].
Here we use the Fibonacci sequence described in Section 4.2.
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This series of numbers is known as the Fibonacci numbers or the Fibonacci sequence. The ratio between the numbers is frequently called the golden ratio or golden number.
The series also sees The Fibonacci Sequence playing Haydn and Debussy on June 7; and the equally respected Maggini String Quartet playing Haydn, Moeren and Beethoven on October 11.
"This is defeat as performance art, a Fibonacci sequence of horror, the final flourish of a side that have become so thoroughly addicted to losing that they have placed every fibre of their being into its service," he wrote.
All night long, projected Ellies are multiplying in some kind of electronic Fibonacci sequence on the vast screens at the rear of the stage; first there are three of her, six at the start of Starry Eyed and seven by the end of it - and at least 25 when Every Time You Go closes the main set.
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and where [{F.sub.n]}.sub.n] is the Fibonacci sequence of order N and seed
"I use the Fibonacci sequence a lot in design to make pleasing proportions," DeWulf explains.
Every beautifully animated presentation diligently followed the same formula: several slides, followed by an explanatory YouTube video -- of the Pythagorean theorem or the Fibonacci sequence, for instance -- and more slides.