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standpipe connection
A pipe or tank used for the storage of water, esp. for emergency use.
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Laboratory results Test Result White blood cell count (x [10.sup.9]/L) 41.8 Hemoglobin (g/dL) 10.0 Platelets (x [10.sup.9]/L) 45 Blood urea nitrogen (mg/dL) 70 Creatinine (mg/dL) 1.03 Sodium (mEq/L) 130 Potassium (mEq/L, hemolyzed) 6.5 Carbon dioxide (mEq/L) 15 Calcium (mg/dL) 6.0 Albumin (g/dL) 1.5 Prothrombin time (s) 20.0 International normalized ratio 1.7 D-dimer 16.45 Fibrin monomer Positive Fibrin split products ([micro]g/mL) >20 Lactic acid (mmol/L) 5.6 Venous pH 7.07 Venous pC[Osub.2] (mm Hg) 64 Venous HC[O.sub.3] (mmol/L) 18 Venous BE (mmol/L) 10.7 pC[O.sub.2] indicates partial pressure of carbon dioxide; HC[O.sub.3] bicarbonate; BE, base excess.
Plasmin cleaves fibrinogen and fibrin monomer into fibrin split products and cross-linked fibrin polymer into Ddimers, respectively, inactivates coagulation factors V and VIII, and has direct effects on platelet membrane receptors.
The determination of D-dimer, fibrin split products (FSP) and soluble fibrin monomer (FM) further supports the diagnosis.

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