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A benign tumor containing both fibrous and glandular elements.
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a mature benign tumor of connective and glandular tissues. A fibroadenoma develops in organs with a glandular structure, such as the breast and the prostate. It grows slowly, is clearly demarcated from the surrounding tissues, and is often encapsulated. The symptoms depend on the site: moderate tenderness of the breast if the mammary gland is affected and difficulty of urination, including acute retention of urine, if the prostate is involved. Malignant degeneration is possible. Fibroadenomas are treated surgically.

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It's more common for them to be cysts, fibrocystic disease, or fibroadenomas. Some lumps commonly come and go during a woman's menstrual cycle.
Seven cases were incorrectly diagnosed by FNAC (2 cases of phyllodes reported as fibroadenoma and 5 cases of carcinoma diagnosed as atypical hyperplasia).
Fibroadenomas move freely within the breast (termed as breast mouse) and can be diagnosed by a combination of clinical examination, ultrasound and removing cells with a needle (needle aspiration).
Researchers also observed an inverse association between higher percentages of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) (P = 0.007) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) (P = 0.024) and fibroadenoma risk, but no significant association with total (n-3) fatty acids.
In a study of 37 cases of benign breast tumors associated with pregnancy by O'Hara et al, only eight cases were lactating adenomas.(1) The others were fibroadenomas with lactational changes and tubular adenomas.
* The diagnosis of a fibroadenoma should be confirmed, especially if the woman is older than 30 years.
AoIf it looked like a fibroadenoma, the radiologist would say so,Ao she answers.
Fibroadenomas are smooth, rubbery, mobile, firm nodules that are usually very well demarcated and have an average size of 2-3 cm, she noted.
Histological analysis showed an infarcted benign fibroadenoma. The tumour was well circumscribed with a lobulated appearance.
The radiologist interpreting the mammogram noted a "fibroadenoma at the left breast." The radiologist recommended a sonogram, which was performed at Cumberland, and which was reported as "negative." The radiologist also recommended a "six month mammographic evaluation ...
Palabras clave: Reconstruccion inmediata de mama; Tumor phyllodes; Fibroadenoma gigante; Calidad de vida; ANDI.
Often the lump is a cyst (a fluid-filled lump), a fibroadenoma (a solid lump) and sometimes breasts are just generally lumpy (known as diffuse nodularity).